Cline T.V. - Swimming Animations

I made these animations from a series of drawings showing the mechanics of the four major competitive swimming strokes. The drawings appear in the textbook "The Science of Swimming", by James E. Counsilman, Ph.D.

"Doc" Counsilman was a Professor of Physical Education at Indiana University. He coached the Indiana University men's swim team to 6 NCAA championships (1968-73), retiring in 1990 with a dual meet record of 287-36-1. He also coached the 1964 and 1976 U.S. men's Olympic swimming teams that won a combined 21 of 24 gold medals. In 1979 he became the oldest person (59) to swim the English Channel.

Note: You will need the Quicktime plug-in to view these movies. You can get it for free from Apple Computer for just about any computer platform.

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Front Crawl

50 Yard Freestyle

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