Virtual Machines

We are providing a command-line based Ubuntu Server running version 4.4 of the Linux kernel. Standard development tools are included with this software, including:

- gcc
- make
- java 8
- python
- ssh
This will run using the freely-available VirtualBox software.

macOS Users

There are issues running Virtualbox with Apple's new M1 processor, so anyone running a newer Mac with this processor may no longer be able to run Virtualbox.

MacOS 10.15 and 10.16 - There have been some issues running virtual machines with these versions of macOS. Per our testing, we have been able to run VirtualBox on macOS 10.15 running VirtualBox 6.1.16

The virtual machine includes the source code for the 10th edition of Operating System Concepts

[ Obtaining VirtualBox ] [ Installation of the VM ] [ Running Linux ] [ Exchanging Files Between Host and the VM ] [ Exiting Linux ]

Obtaining Virtual Box

Visit and click on the download tab.

Download the Virtualbox platform packages for your appropriate system and install the software.

Installation as a VirtualBox Appliance

Click here to download the file OSC10e.ova

Double-click on the downloaded file. This will open the following window

Choose the Import button.

Running Linux

Highlight the virtual machine you wish to run (OSC10e) and click on the Start button:

This will commence the Linux boot process.

The default username is osc and the password is osc as well

The password for the root user is osc

The home directory contains the source code for Operating System Concepts in the final-src-osc10e directory

The README file includes other instructions as well, notably for finding the location of the bcc toolset.

Moving Files Between  the Host and the Virtual Machine

You can use the wget command from the virtual machine to download files from remote systems. For example, to download the source code for Operating System Concepts, enter


To move files between the host operating system and your virtual machine, you will have to set up port forwarding.

To access your virtual machine guest:

macOS (OS X)
Using terminal, enter the command

sftp -P 2222 osc@

This will provide you with ftp access to exchange files between your host and virtual machine guest.

Using Windows

We recommend using winscp, freely-available software.


Exiting Linux

If you close the window running the virtual machine application, you will be presented with the following dialog box:

We recommend you choose the "Power off the machine" option.