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Interested in a Summer 2017 Computer Science Principles Workshop? Apply here for the AP CS Principles 2017-18 program.

See below for more information on the Computer Science Principles program.

What is Computer Science Principles (CSP)?

If you are interested in teaching the AP Computer Science Principles class and would like to learn more about professional development opportunities, please email Karson Eilers at

Computer Science Principles is an exciting new class designed to introduce junior high and high school students to the foundations of computational thinking. This class can be considered the next step from Exploring Computer Science or an introductory class for more advanced students.

The official site for Computer Science Principles,, provides lesson plans and other useful support information for teachers.

Most Importantly:

Stipend Information

The 2016-2017 stipend will be $1,000. The program for this stipend will include the following four phases:

  • Phase 1: Online Introduction
    • 2 hours online, self-paced

  • Phase 2: Blended Summer Study
    • 5 days (30 hours) in person
    • 8 hours online, self-paced

  • Phase 3: Blended Academic Year Development
    • 4 days (24 hours) in person
    • 12 hours online, self-paced

  • Phase 4: Summer Wrap-Up
    • 3 days (18 hours) in person

For more information on these phases, see the Professional Development Overview from

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