Over 100 Utah Schools Now Offering Exploring Computer Science

Workshop Quotes:

"Thanks for building an environment where we were able to learn by experience."

"Overall this was the most informative PD I have ever been a part of. The facilitators were all amazing."

"...it was a great experience and I got to meet a lot of people in my same boat. On all my tables I exchanged communication info to collaborate on different things."

"This has been a worthwhile experience and one that I was glad to participate in."

"Excelent Job. Week well spent."

"I was extremely impressed with the staff--one of the best I have had in 32 years of teaching. Very kind, honest, accepting, open, fun and knowledgeable."

"I LOVE this stuff. Thank you for letting me be a part of this great curriculum. Thank you for making this course available for students."


  • 2017 Exploring Computer Science workshops
  • AP Computer Science Principles
    • If your high school students need a more advanced computing course than Exploring Computer Science, nominate a teacher from your school (or yourself) to join the Code.org A.P. Computer Science Principles Professional Learning Program. This Professional Learning Program will count towards your Computer Science Level 1 and 2 Endorsement. Similar to ECS, the main training will be scheduled for the summer with follow up trainings taking place during the school year. Apply here for the AP CS Principles 2017-18 program.

What is Exploring Computer Science (ECS)?

The full Exploring Computer Science curriculum has six units, which are broken down into 158 days of 55-minute lessons. While the full-year curriculum is preferable because it demonstrates more applications of computational thinking, Utah has implemented ECS as a half-year curriculum to fulfill the half-year Computer Tech graduation requirement. Utah's half-year version of ECS includes:

  • All 19 days of Unit 1 (Human Computer Interaction)
  • All 21 days of Unit 2 (Problem Solving)
  • All 30 days of Unit 4 (Programming with Scratch)
  • Days 0-15 from the 30 days of Unit 5 (Computing and Data Analysis)